About Us

Our Philosophy

Oakley and Irvine believe firmly about the experience for the customer, this starts from the moment you walk through our doors!


We understand that even something as basic as a greeting, can be, at times overlooked in our industry. We believe about balance and the ability to ‘read’ our customers needs both physically and emotionally.


We understand that we are dealing with individuals and aim to provide you with a very personal service.


Our philosophy for the most enjoyable salon experience is about us taking a more holistic approach, not simply centred on leaving the salon looking great (which undoubtedly you will!) but also feeling great too.


We provide a unique environment for pampering and feeling good.


Our warm relaxed and friendly work ethos lets you, the customer dictate your experience.


We provide complimentary wine, beer, a selection of teas and excellent coffee, you can even have a coffee to go!

Had a hard day and want some quiet time to yourself? Let us know!


Perhaps laughter is what you are after?


We don’t believe in about us bombarding you with conversation if you simply don’t want it, and likewise if you want to be entertained then let us know and we will put on our dancing shoes, our focus is your happiness.


We want you walking out with BOTH incredible hair and nails, AND wearing your happiest smile too!


We all know when we look our best, we feel our best, we also believe that by feeling our best effects the expression we wear, and our body language, which in turn effects how people treat us.


Because of this happiness and grooming MUST go hand in hand!


Oakley Irvine

Our Philosophy